April Showers

…The economy and the weather seem to be the main topics of conversation – even here in Albufeira! When Vicky arrived in February she quickly wrapped up in her winter scarf and boots – defence against the bitter wind! Now the chill is lifting and the sunny days mean coffee by the harbour.  Be sure to try the Tarte Amendoa or very sweet bola regional, pure sugar!  The main square has new shops and stalls selling the trinkets and souvenirs that we all love to take home. Many of them are only just opening during April and May but the markets are open for business.

The little tourist train (comboio turistico), is trundling round and is good value and very handy for the supermarket.  In the old town you can catch it at the top of the escalator.  Don’t forget to visit the ticket shops for good value tours and the open topped tourist bus providing a hop on off service.  Frank is a good source of local information and has some favourite restaurants which he will share with you.

St Patricks day has been and gone!  Damien rocked the crowds and some of the locals joined in the craic!  Our entertainment is back in full swing towards the end of April.  A new tin whistle is waiting for any players and all singers are welcome!  Frank has practised the Bodhran through the winter and so is ready to ‘beat the drum loudly’.

Coming our way soon…11th – 14th April, 2013, is Rally Portugal.  Frank would like to be watching this and just in case …here are the details; http://www.rallydeportugal.pt/

25th April is a commemorative day taking place in Albufeira and Guia so keep an eye out for this event.

Guinness is a main staple in The Shamrock and they are currently offering to pay someone to drink their brew!  The company are offering flexible hours, a mobile phone and a trip to Dublin!  You must be able to drink responsibly!  Visit Guinness Portugal on facebook.  While you are there just hop over to The Shamrock Facebook site and check our new photos.

This morning Vicky looked along our very pretty cobbled street in the heart of Albufeira and spotted a Stork circling round the old brick chimney.  I wonder if he will build a nest this year?

Call in and visit us soon

Frank and Vicky


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