Blooming June

….where did May go to? The Shamrock Bar has had a busy month with customers taking full advantage of the good value holidays and flights. Although the weather was mixed and often very cool at night holiday makers flocked to Albufeira, escaping the long hard Irish winter.

The flowers are wakening in local gardens and our own patio pots of geraniums and palm trees thirstily drink the water against the heat of the sun. Most days the temperatures are reaching the early 20′s and its nice to relax under the shade of the parasol. The local cats languish, paws outstretched in the heat.

Local bars have put their new cushions on outside chairs…along with blankets for the cool evenings!
Touts and waitresses take up work all waiting for the summer season to start.
Meals are good value during the lunchtime until about 3pm. Look for ‘the dish of the day’-'Prato do dia’. Often the tourist menu includes your starter, main meal, dessert and a drink. Sometimes you will be presented on the table or the waiter will bring bread, sardine pâté butter and olives. I love this appetiser but it is worth reminding you that this little treat can add considerably to your bill. It is ok to simply tell them that you don’t want these and they will not charge.

The boat trips sail daily and paint a pretty picture as they glide across the bay. Most of the trips can be booked through ticket offices. There are trips to the caves, fishing trips and just boats which show you the coastline.

Nightlife is busy in the main square in the ‘old town’. The puppeteer entertains mums, dads and the children! Balloons and rockets fly into the sky enticing a few euros from the tourists pockets.
Music is loud and clear in the square and then….our little haven, upstairs above the noise of the ‘bar street’ provides a little bit of home. We have music and singing and dancing in the familiar way that only the Irish know how to do! We chat and get to know the people on the next table. Then, over a Magners and a Guinness, we discover our neighbours have signed the map on the wall of the best Irish bar!

This month (June) we received a certificate from Trip Advisor. We will proudly display this in the bar knowing that the customers have kindly appreciated us and we them.
Ireland are in the World Cup qualifier this weekend 7th June and not forgetting Lions in the Rugby. Good Luck!

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